Some of the services we provide are:

  • Going to the job and measuring for flashing. We will be happy to help you decipher what you need. You can pick it up at the shop, we can deliver it to the job site or you have the option of us installing it.
  • Flashing take off from a blue print so we can get a head start for the first trip out to your jobsite.
  • Roof related flashing is our specialty:  tile, shingles, metal, and modified.
  • We stock from 3/12 to 12/12 standard corners that are all soldered at seams, and stick metal such as turnback, pitchbase, counter and z-bar.

We carry several gauges of flat sheet metal:

22 ga. galvanized  24 ga. galvanized   26 ga. galvanized
28 ga. galvanized  24 ga. galvalume   26 ga. galvalume
16 oz copper in 3’ X 10’ and 4’ X 10’ Stainless steel in 24 ga. 4’ X 10’

We also carry coil form material from Berridge Manufacturing Co. and Sheffield Metals.  We have the capability to order any color to accommodate your jobs need.

Stuart’s Sheet Metal can also roll form your material for you. By us going to the job site and roll forming your panels we can save you about 30% waste.

Starting July 28, 2009, Stuart’s Sheet Metal will offer welding services.


 Air Hawks 12” & 9”  Brick Pocket  Chimney Caps  Coping Cap
 Corner on 45 degrees  Cricket  Deer Blinds  Deer Feeders
 Drain Pans  Deck Flashing  Diverters for T-Wall  D-Style
 Door Pans  Double Return  Drip Edge  Galvanized Screen
 Headwall  Hip Corner  Header Flashing w/ Diverters  Inside Corner
 Louvers  Metal Roof Panels  Outside Corner  Pitch Base Pan
 Pitch Change  Pitch Base  Roof Jacks  Rake Edge
 Roof Drains  Split Hips  Step Shingles  Scuppers
 Stucco Diverters: Shingle or Tile  Skylights  Turnback  T-Wall
 Valley Corner  Window Wrap  Window Pans  Window Flashing
Copper Chimney Caps Ledgestone Flashing

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